The first town all of the party characters arrived together in.

Murgeddin was the sergeant of the town guard, a dwarf that carried the symbol of Bahamut on a chain around his neck. Was gruff toward the adventurers.

Upon early exploration, it seemed that hightown’s upkeep was much more well maintained, and that lowtown was ragged in comparison. Bandit raids had been reported by Wexlar that had been keeping the town guard busy along the south walls of lowtown, and the hills beyond them.

The Silver Unicorn Inn is where the party initially stayed, for free thanks to the generosity of Lord Markelhay.

After returning from Kobold Hall, the party restocked their food and water provisions at Halfmoon Trading House, while Content Not Found: Laanoa ordered a magical bow from [[Naerumar’s Imports]]. The party spent the next two weeks relaxing and recovering from their wounds while they waited for the bow to arrive.


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