Across the Universe

Entry to Fallcrest

The heroes arrive at Fallcrest

The group arrived via a merchant caravan from Harkenwold. Upon reaching the eastern gates, the party were pulled aside and questioned by the sergeant of the city guard, Murgeddin, a dwarf who seemed to hold the group in contempt. Still, he was obliged to let the party into the city as Lord Warden Markelhay had sent an emissary, Wexlar, to meet them and extend an invitation to dinner.

The party agreed, then set about doing a little exploration before the sun set. Mikael headed over to the House of the Sun temple to inspect the Bahamut shrine there. Damakos and Laanoa walked about the two town squares, hightown’s and lowtown’s, though most shops were already closed for the evening. Aranis simply walked off without telling the rest of the party his plans.

At the end of the evening, Mikael, Damakos and Laanoa met up at the alehouse inside the Silve Unicorn. Not long after they had arrived, Lord Makelhay himself showed up and invited the party into a back room to talk.

Once in the private room, Lord Markelhay revealed that his hospitality was not entirely innocent. He had heard a party of adventurers were coming to his town, and was eager to enlist their services. A group of Kobolds had been harassing caravans between Fallcrest and Winterhaven, and the Lord Warden’s city guard were tied up with security along the Netir river and the south fields where bandits had begun to make raids on the less-protected lowtown. He offered a hefty sum of gold for their time, and the party agreed to help.

The next morning, Aranis met up with the other three at the Silver Unicorn, where Lord Markelhay had generously offered to let them stay for free upon agreeing to track down the Kobolds. After gathering their supplies and eating a large breakfast at the Netir Inn on their way out of town, the party set off in search of the Kobold lair.



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